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Suci Premium Instant Hijab

Rp329.000 Rp219.000

Suci Premium Instant Hijab


Harga Normal Rp 329.000,- 

1 – 2 Pcs : @Rp 219.000,-

3-5 Pcs : @Rp 219.000,- + Potongan Ongkir 15rb

6-11 Pcs : @209.000 + Potongan Ongkir 15rb

12-23 Pcs : @199.000 + Free Ongkir

24-100 Pcs : Special Reseller Price

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Suci Premium Instant Hijab comes with spread Japanese beads all over. Perfect for your upcoming even.

Elegantly ang Glamour.

  • Material: Chiffon, Perfect Flow, Perfect coverage
  • Dimension: 200cm x 170cm
  • Rubberized Join to fit all face measurement
  • 1kg fit 5 pcs
  • available in 17 colour

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